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Roger Rabbits special effects still fucking hold up by todays standards AND looks better than most films that come out NOW it was that ahead of its time

I’m still amazed that Hoskins had that little to work with. Everything about this video is awesome.

This made my day.

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Just imagine if Sirius had raised Harry…


Just imagine if Sirius had raised Harry…

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MCU Harlequin Posting Tomorrow!


Tomorrow is the big day! Please make sure cowboys are wrangled and bodices are appropriately ripped.

When you’re ready to post, go ahead and add it to the MCU Harlequin collection on AO3 or share it on the site of your choice linked here on tumblr with the #mcuharlequin tag so we can all see it!

Posting will run as long as it’s still the 19th somewhere in the world, so take advantage of those extra hours if you need ‘em!

I can’t wait to see what everyone has done <3

Reminder! It’s almost time!!!


if i lay here

if i just lay here

do u think this fanfic will write itself

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stucky-turning the other off (i cheated a little, bela, but i hope you like it anyway!) 


It’s not that Steve’s ashamed. He’s not. He’s seventeen, and his body is a mess, and he’s got an overactive imagination, everyone says so. It’s just…he sort of wishes this kind of thing wouldn’t happen in church.

"Stevie," Bucky whispers from next to him, a grin in his voice. "Where’d you get that banana in your pocket, and why ain’t you sharing?"

Steve’s blush, a soft heat at the back of his neck, flares high and hot. “Bucky,” he hisses. “Shut the hell up.”

Bucky snickers. “Now that’s very ungodly language, pal. You’ll have to do penance…for that among other things, I bet.”

Steve squirms. “Pipe down,” he says out the side of his mouth. “It’s normal. Very normal.” He tries valiantly to think about something disgusting. The smell of rotting garbage in the alley behind the church. That wart on his neighbor’s chin. Bucky, spouting blood after a fight, bright red and stark on a swollen bottom lip—

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph," Bucky breathes. "What are you even thinking about?”

Steve ducks his head into his hands, miserable. “I’m tryin’ not to think about anything,” he bites out. “Ma’s sick enough—should be here praying for her, not gettin’ a lift on a church pew.”

Bucky is silent for a second next to Steve, the line of his body a familiar wall of warmth. “Lemme help out,” he says finally, voice quiet. He leans closer, and for a wild moment, Steve thinks he means literally, imagines Bucky spitting into his palm and reaching over, splitting the seam of Steve’s trousers, wrapping his hand around Steve’s dick, slick heat and steady friction, soft sounds of approval coming out of his mouth as he encourages Steve to “finish, yeah, com’n Steve, ya gotta hurry, that’s a good boy, feels good, feels good, right? Com’n—”

Then Bucky’s hand is gripping Steve’s thigh, dwarfing the slim span of it. “Whatever you’re thinking about, you should probably stop,” he says, and his voice sounds strained. “Your eyes just about rolled to the back of your head.”

Steve takes a deep breath through his nose, tries to steady the galloping of his heart.

"Listen, I’m gonna just talk to you," Bucky says, voice low and gravelly, like it’s being pulled from the pit of his stomach. "Just somethin’ simple. Baseball. Yeah, we’re gonna talk about baseball."

And then he’s whispering into Steve’s ear, baseball stats and idle observations about players and the occasional bit of trash talk. And it should help. It should be mind-numbing, or at the very least, so interesting that Steve’s attention is diverted.

But all he can focus on is the rasp of Bucky’s voice, the brush of his mouth agains the sensitive outer shell of Steve’s ear, the burning points of contact where his fingers are still digging into Steve’s thigh, and, and—

Brushing against the bulge in Steve’s trousers. Steady, slight, stroking bits of pressure. Against all odds, Steve’s dick hardens even further.

Steve gives a whimper, a small noise like he’s been punched, the breath pulling out of his chest in shallow bursts. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Bucky swallow.

After that, Steve doesn’t ever look at baseball quite the same way.



thank you, friend

you are rockin them !! u3u

ty bb! I’ve been watching lots of vintage hair tutorials so this’ll be a good base :)

I promised sparrowsoup that I’d do a full head of curlers for her. I used Wrap Snap & Go soft curlers - these were put in my dry day-old hair with no product. for SCIENCE I followed the instructions in the packet which included a crazy curler mohawk with the curlers interlocked. it was supposed to give me more volume at the roots and idk if it was worth it for feeling like I’d given myself a facelift. i used 4 curlers going back and 2 on each side. but there’s a pic of the ringlets i actually got with the curlers & then i brushed it out for a bit of a retro-style body wave look. i’m happy with it! obv your comfort level will vary but although these are advertised as “soft enough to sleep on” they are…not really soft? they aren’t hard, but I definitely got a huge crick in my neck from keeping my head in the one position that wasn’t poking or squashing or pulling on anything. in the future, if I’m doing a full set I’d probably do it during the day before an evening event (my hair is already pretty wavy/sometimes curly, so it takes very well to these) (also I’m not dying of anything, I was wearing mint lipstick and didn’t take it off entirely before bed)

and that’s my review! for every day, i’ll probably stick with doing a few pincurls on the sides, which I find easier for sleeping, but these are easy to put in and relatively comfy, so they’re definitely another good option for heat-free curling.


ok so we all know sebastian has pretty great legs right i mean look at em





but can we please take a moment and just appreciate


how glorious


and peRFECT


his thighs are in tHE WINTER SOLDIER




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