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orange is for fall

orange is for fall


there is this thing that fandom does, where fans who love female characters aren’t able to even discuss their flaws, to talk about the negative things they say or do, in a constructive way, because we’re too busy defending their right to fucking exist against people dumping all manner of hate on them

and it really sucks? i would love to have some nitty gritty conversations picking apart the ladies i love and viewing them as complex people

like wouldn’t it be nice if we could discuss sansa stark’s flaws without constantly having to sanctify her to people who think she deserves every single awful thing that’s happened in her life, but we are mired in a culture that only allows us to lavish nothing but positive attention on minority characters we love because everybody else is bound and determined to shit on them

we can’t even get a breath in to treat them as people because we’re too busy defending their right to exist

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"yesssss yes, oh my god, today we are blessed"

— me just now upon discovering i still had a frozen pizza in the freezer

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The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Well, Clarice - have the lambs stopped screaming?

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I tried to send you an angsty little headcanon but as usual Tumblr’s ask system fritzed on me, so here’s a submission instead: Imagine Bucky having guilty fantasies about Captain America. He’s so ashamed of himself, damn it, he promised Steve he’d always be his best guy - that was their deal, he could go with the dames, take them home even, and Steve’d pretend he didn’t notice when Bucky came home with lipstick smeared across his face, that it didn’t hurt as long as Steve was his only guy, and that was okay because Bucky never thought he’d want a big strappin fella anyway, he likes ‘em small and slim and dainty - - but after coming to Europe he sees this poster of Captain America, and that’s it, he’s done for. He tells himself it’s because the Captain reminds him of home, because he needs someone big and strong to hold him and make him feels safe, of course Steve would understand, but what he imagines late at night are those big muscles naked and trembling under his hands, that rock-hard ass clenching around him, and he tries to think of Steve, he does, but it’s Steve face on the Captain’s body, and after, sweaty and ashamed, he thinks maybe he doesn’t deserve to come home.

squinting grumpily at your draft like

hosith replied to your post: rockin’ it grandma-style (the scarf is…

super cute! your face and style is just really precious, okay?? ♥

you’re so sweet, thank you! :3




I’ve been waiting for this gifset my whole life.

So I’m assuming at least 95% of tumblr is hearing this whole scene perfectly in their head, right?

the idea of people not hearing this in their head is inconceivable

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Halloween memedance scenes: Addams Family Values

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"Oh I’ll have this one, thanks!"

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